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We have a strong background in Psychology, Injury and Claims Management, Vocational Rehabilitation, Career Development and Consulting, as well as rigorous scientific research. Our principal consultants hold PhD and Master’s Degrees from Adelaide University and their research projects have been published in peer reviewed journals.


Career Counselling

Through Vocational Rehabilitation, Psychology and Career Counselling services, we specialise in identifying, developing and placing clients into their most suitable career path. Our clients include: people who suffered an injury, people with a disability, high school students, employed individuals looking for a career change and mature working Australians in Adelaide, South Australia.

Psychological Counselling

With a Registered Psychologist specialising in assisting people with workplace physical & psychological injuries, and with disabilities, we can provide ongoing support and assistance, working with you (and your support networks if you so choose) to achieve a better quality of life using various psychological approaches and tools. We equip you with easy to use strategies and approaches so that you can continue developing even when counselling has finished.

Vocational Assessments

Using psychometric testing and a thorough interview process, we are able to identify transferable skills, interests and values, and reasoning skills of individuals so to make recommendations regarding potential career areas of interest and further study options. This can assist high school students to enter study and/or employment, individuals interested in a career change and/or building upon their skill sets, and employers looking to promote or transition their employees to different roles.

Vocational Rehabilitation

With extensive case management and rehabilitation experience working within the Worker’s Compensation industry, both within South Australia and interstate, we have demonstrated ability to work closely with all key stakeholders to assist injured workers experiencing a physical and/or psychological injury to achieve a prompt and sustainable return to work with their pre-injury employer or within new employment.

Pre-Employment Testing

Using rigorous and reliable psychometric testing methods, we are well qualified in assisting employers screen and identify the most suitable applicants for specific vacancies and can also suggest areas for further training and development as needed. We tailor all of our assessments to employers and the specific vacancies.

Job Seeking, Resume and Interview Preparation

This involves more than just searching the internet or reading the newspaper. We utilise various sources and techniques, including but not limited to personal networking, social media, conferences, company events, seminars, expos, cold canvasing and internet and published media resources.



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